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Ship intelligent system,Marine switchboard

产品概要: Ship intelligent system includes: ship shore integrated intelligent fleet management platform, fuel management monitoring system, intelligent anti collision system, marine communication and navigation equipment. Marine switchboard is one of the main products of Zhenjiang Tongzhou Propeller Co., Ltd. with good price and quality,Factory wholesale with discounts.Our factory is a professional suppliers china and Manufacturers china,with various quality products on sales.
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Ship shore integrated intelligent fleet management platform


Function introduction:

● data integration (whole ship data acquisition, unified network architecture of the whole ship, data storage integration of the whole ship)
● application integration (data interaction and unified management)
● interface integration (unified navigation platform)
● system redundancy (power redundancy, equipment redundancy, software architecture redundancy)
● ship shore communication (ship shore communication consists of VSAT, 4G / 5G network and Beidou short message private network)
● security protection (network security protection, access control, identity authentication protection, data confidentiality security protection)


Fuel management and monitoring system


Function introduction:

The fuel management and monitoring system mainly realizes the real-time monitoring and analysis of the fuel consumption of the main engine and auxiliary engine on the ship, statistics and analysis of the data, assists the ship management personnel to master, query and analyze the fuel consumption and addition of the ship, and realizes the integration of ship and shore. When the fuel consumption is abnormal, an alarm signal can be generated automatically.

Marine switchboard is one of the main products of Zhenjiang Tongzhou Propeller Co., Ltd. with good price and quality,Factory wholesale with discounts.Our factory is a professional suppliers china and Manufacturers china,with various quality products on sales.


Intelligent anti-collision system


Function introduction:

The panoramic image system for tugboat safety production includes three modules: 360 degree panoramic image, radar 360 degree ranging warning and mast anti-collision warning. Through one panoramic camera and 12 millimeter wave radars installed on the hull, it can scan the sea conditions in the water area within 200m around the tugboat in real time, realize 360 degree image monitoring, accurate ranging, voice alarm and other functions, find all kinds of hidden dangers in operation in time, and provide great help for the driver.

A marine switchboard is a critical component of a ship's electrical system, serving as the central control panel for power distribution and management. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient operation of various electrical equipment and systems on board a vessel.
The primary function of a marine switchboard is to receive power from the ship's generators or shore connection and distribute it to different electrical loads throughout the ship. This includes supplying power to propulsion systems, lighting, communication systems, navigation equipment, HVAC systems, and other onboard machinery.
A typical marine switchboard consists of various components and features:
1. Main Switches: These switches control the main power supply coming into the switchboard, allowing it to be connected to either the ship's generators or shore power.
2. Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers are used to protect individual electrical circuits from overloads or short-circuits. They automatically trip to disconnect the circuit in case of excessive current flow, preventing damage to the equipment and ensuring safety.
3. Busbars: Busbars are conductive bars or strips that distribute electrical power within the switchboard. They provide a common connection point for multiple circuit breakers and facilitate efficient power distribution.
4. Control Panels: Control panels consist of various instruments, indicators, and switches that enable monitoring and control of the switchboard and its associated systems. This includes features such as voltage and frequency meters, alarms, and emergency shutdown switches.
5. Interlocks and Safety Features: Marine switchboards incorporate interlocking mechanisms to prevent unsafe conditions. For instance, certain operations may require specific sequences or isolation procedures to ensure equipment safety.
Modern marine switchboards often feature advanced automation and remote monitoring capabilities. This allows for real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, fault detection, and swift response to potential issues. Additionally, remote access and control enable efficient troubleshooting and maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.
The design and construction of marine switchboards adhere to stringent international standards and regulations, ensuring their reliability and compliance with safety requirements.
A marine switchboard is an essential component of a ship's electrical system, responsible for power distribution and control. It ensures the safe and efficient operation of various electrical loads on board a vessel. With its main switches, circuit breakers, busbars, control panels, and safety features, the marine switchboard plays a vital role in maintaining reliable power supply and ensuring the overall functionality of electrical systems at sea.

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